Harland Clarke Reorder Checks Online

The process for reordering your checks has never been so easy! Please have your check reorder form handy. Your reorder form is located in your second to last book of checks. The starting number for your next sequence of checks can be found in the top right corner.

It's easy to order your checks online if you have ordered checks in the last 18 months. No need to remember the style you selected on your last order, your reorder will automatically select this.

Because we take security seriously, no changes may be made to your name, address, telephone number or shipping address from your last order. Do you have changes? Please call 1-800-922-8742.

Click here to reorder checks.

Check Reorder

Reorder Exceptions

Call 1-800-922-8742 if you:

  • Have a name, address, telephone number or shipping address change from your last order of checks.
  • Are using a Netscape browser.
  • Need to reorder checks for your Business Account.
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